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2018 Ohio State University Salaries
Name VP College Department Title Annual Base Salary Hourly Rate
Kotevski, Kristina Ofc of Business and Finance Technology Licensing Contracts Manager $ 73,500.00 $ 35.34
Salari, Sara Catherine Pries Ofc of Business and Finance Technology Licensing Contracts Manager $ 71,400.00 $ 34.33
Ruff, Jeffrey Ralph Senior VP Admin & Planning Facilities Operations Contracts Manager $ 64,476.00 $ 31.00
Earley, Teresa Ball Office of Academic Affairs ODEE Distance Ed and eLearning Contracts Manager $ 58,788.00 $ 28.26
YMERI, KESIANA Ofc of Health Sciences Comprehensive Cancer Center RU Contracts Manager $ 57,558.72 $ 27.67
Bauer, Kevin M Office of Academic Affairs University Libraries Contracts Manager $ 54,669.60 $ 26.28
Kindel, Sheri Lynne College of Medicine RES-Research Contracts Manager $ 54,000.00 $ 25.96
Green figures are calulated based on 2,080 hours per year. Black numbers are published figures from OSU

Lists of recent Ohio State University searches of
sgambati, Systems Analyst Internal Medicine1111111111111 UNION SEL
Canova, Marcello Assistant Vice President Trademark Licensing Services
sgambati, emilia Staff Assistant Dept of Engineering Education
Bruschweiler, Rafael Finance Manager Neurology
peffer, Imaging Manager Hospital Gift Shop
peffer, pasha Groundskeeper 3 Driving Simulation Lab
Schelhorn, Vice President Endodontics
Giberson, Budget Analyst Shared Services
smith, Radio Reporter OSU Alumni Association
brushwelier, Vehicle Operator 1 FCOB Entrepreneur
Bruschweiler, Contracts Manager Dentistry Administration