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Number of people with the title of: Administrator-Medical Center 21
Maximum Salary:$ 140,610.12
Average Salary:$ 110,919.12
Minimum Salary:$ 89,336.76

2019 Ohio State University SalariesPage 1 of 1
Name VP College Department Title Annual Base Salary Hourly Rate
Archual, Gregory Mark College of Medicine Emergency Medicine Administrator-Medical Center $ 104,871.60 $ 50.42
Barnes, Katherine L College of Medicine Internal Medicine Administrator-Medical Center $ 98,000.04 $ 47.12
Clum, Natalie Ann College of Medicine Internal Medicine Administrator-Medical Center $ 90,497.28 $ 43.51
Darah, Michael College of Medicine Neurology Administrator-Medical Center $ 131,840.04 $ 63.38
Goldsmith, Marisha College of Medicine Internal Medicine Administrator-Medical Center $ 92,000.04 $ 44.23
Ha, Diana B College of Medicine RES-Research Administrator-Medical Center $ 104,500.08 $ 50.24
Hertl, Kristine Elizabeth College of Medicine Obstetrics & Gynecology Administrator-Medical Center $ 138,776.52 $ 66.72
Inman, Mark Edward College of Medicine Otolaryngology Administrator-Medical Center $ 106,381.08 $ 51.14
Kaufman, Melissa A College of Medicine Internal Medicine Administrator-Medical Center $ 101,000.04 $ 48.56
Kimbrell, Erin Ann College of Medicine SBS-Cancer Biology & Genetics Administrator-Medical Center $ 109,531.68 $ 52.66
Kummer, Hillary Marie College of Medicine Radiology Administrator-Medical Center $ 107,635.08 $ 51.75
LaFollette, Robert R College of Medicine Ophthalmology Administrator-Medical Center $ 132,593.64 $ 63.75
Mazik, Timothy Randall College of Medicine Plastic Surgery Administrator-Medical Center $ 110,000.04 $ 52.88
Pelzer, Amy Elliott College of Medicine Internal Medicine Administrator-Medical Center $ 117,376.08 $ 56.43
Shi, Alice G College of Medicine HRS-Health & Rehab Sciences Administrator-Medical Center $ 95,040.12 $ 45.69
Slaper, Michael R College of Medicine Urology Administrator-Medical Center $ 110,700.00 $ 53.22
Smith, Karel Louise Ofc of Health Sciences Nisonger Center Administrator-Medical Center $ 89,336.76 $ 42.95
Stump, Leslie College of Medicine Pathology Administrator-Medical Center $ 135,123.12 $ 64.96
Sussi, Julie Anne College of Medicine Radiation Oncology Administrator-Medical Center $ 140,610.12 $ 67.60
Van Fossen, Tonya Renee College of Medicine Family Medicine Administrator-Medical Center $ 116,688.12 $ 56.10
West, Derek Anthony College of Medicine Internal Medicine Administrator-Medical Center $ 96,800.04 $ 46.54
Green figures are calulated based on 2,080 hours per year. Black numbers are published figures from OSU

Lists of recent Ohio State University searches of
Herbert, William R Administrator-Medical Center Agr
Kaide, Colin Graham Practice Manager Computer
Basford, Shirley M Secretary-Board Of Trustees Wexner Administration
Bons, Jeffrey Peter Director-00 University Police
Cuckler, Lora Cytotechnologist Transition and Academic Growth
Szczepanik, Sarah K Managing Attorney Special Duty
Krainz Edison, Karen Frances Supv-Hospital Transport Svcs Pediatric Dentistry
Conrad, Ciel Louise Office Production Assistant Orthodontics
Vath, Kayla Marie Asst Dir-Hosp Nutrition Servic Operations Administration
Phay, John Edward Dental Hygienist OSURF - Administration
Oxier, Shawna Lynn Senior Advisor to the Board OR Industry Liaison Office

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