List of Titles at Ohio State University
Abs and Vocat Servc Sr Rep
Abs and Voct Servc Sr Coord
Academic Advisor
Academic Advisor 1
Academic Advisor 2
Academic Advisor And Staff Ast
Academic Counselor
Academic Counselor & Staff Ast
Academic Counselor-Athletics
Academic Director
Academic Encourager
Academic Exec Director
Academic Planning Specialist
Academic Program Coordinator
Academic Program Specialist
Access Control Technician 1
Access Control Technician 2
Access Specialist-Dsbly Svcs
Account Clerk 1
Account Clerk 2
Account Clerk 3
Accountant 1
Accountant 2
Accountant 3
Acquisitions Assistant
Acquisitions Editor
ADA Coordinator
Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct Instructor
Admin Dir-Comp Cancer Center
Admin Manager Chemistry
Admin Manager-Education
Admin-Financial Services
Admini Dir-Univ Hospitals
Administrative Associate 1
Administrative Associate 2
Administrative Manager
Administrator-Medical Center
Admission Counselor
Admissions Couns And Staff Ast
Agricultural Aide 2
Agricultural Technician 1
Agricultural Technician 2
Aircraft Attendant
Aircraft Maintenance Supervisr
Aircraft Mechanic
Airport Maintenance Supervisor
Airport Operations Specialist
Alarm & Video Monitoring Off
Analyst - OSU Health Plan
Anatomic Pathology Technolgst
Ancillary Services Admin
Anesthesia Technician
Anesthesiologist Assistant
Animal Caretaker
Apps Development Consultant
Apps Development Sr Consultant
Architect 1
Area Mgr-Rdh Building Svcs
Art Shop Manager-Wexner Center
Art Therapist
Asbestos Coordinator
Asc Dean For Rsch And Grad Ed
Asc Ex Dir-Wex Pub Relations
Asoc Administrator-Medical Ctr
Asoc Dir-Hous Food Svc&Events
Asoc Dir-HousFood Svc&Events
Asoc Mger Talent Acquisition
Assist Dir-Clinical Research
Assist Dir-Environmental Svcs
Assist Director-Academic Stud
Assistant Catering Manager
Assistant Chef
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach-Major Sports
Assistant Coach-Reg Campus
Assistant Curator
Assistant Dean
Assistant Dean & Admin Dir
Assistant Dean-Staff
Assistant Dir-Ag Tech Institut
Assistant Dir-Athletic Ticket
Assistant Dir-Enrollment Svcs
Assistant Dir-Hosp Dietetics
Assistant Director
Assistant Director-Admissions
Assistant Director-Athletics
Assistant Director-Benefits
Assistant Director-Food Svcs
Assistant Director-Gift Proc
Assistant Director-Maintenance
Assistant Director-MBA Pgms
Assistant Director-Ohio Unions
Assistant Director-OLN
Assistant Director-Pharmacy
Assistant Director-Programs
Assistant Editor
Assistant Exhibition Designer
Assistant General Counsel
Assistant General Manager-Golf
Assistant Golf Professional
Assistant Manager-Ice Rink
Assistant Manager-Univ Svcs
Assistant Mngr-Farm Operations
Assistant Press Operator
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor - Practice
Assistant Professor-Clinical
Assistant Provost
Assistant Radiobiologist
Assistant Registrar
Assistant Sous Chef
Assistant To Chairperson
Assistant To Dean 1
Assistant To Dean 2
Assistant To Director
Assistant To Vice President
Assistant Trainer
Assistant University Archivist
Assistant Vice President
Assistant Vice Provost
Assoc Dir - Volunteer Services
Assoc Dir 1-Enrollment Svcs
Assoc Dir 2-Enrollment Svcs
Assoc Dir Abs and Vocat
Assoc Dir HR Bus Partners
Assoc Dir Labor Relations
Assoc Dir Sponsored Programs
Assoc Dir Talent Acquisition
Assoc Dir-Ambulatory Services
Assoc Dir-Cnslg&Consult Svcs
Assoc Dir-Educ Technology
Assoc Dir-Hosp Nutrition Svcs
Assoc Dir-Hospital Security
Assoc Dir-Medical Education
Assoc Dir-Recreational Sports
Assoc Dir-Res&Dining Food Svc
Assoc Dir-Res&DiningFood Svc
Assoc Dir-Tenure Init Unit
Assoc Dir-WOSU Public Media
Assoc Director Rehab Services
Assoc Director Compensation
Assoc Director Data Science
Assoc Director Rehab Services
Assoc Director Talent Mgmt
Assoc Director Total Rewards
Assoc Director-Internal Audit
Assoc Director-Stewardship
Assoc Mgr OSUH Gift Shop
Assoc Sec - Board of Trustees
Assoc To The Dean
Assoc Vice Pres-Health Svcs
Assoc VP & Deputy Gen Counsel
Assoc Vp Student Life
Assoc VP/Sr Assoc Gen Counsel
Associate Chair
Associate Controller
Associate Curator
Associate Curator-Wexner
Associate Dean
Associate Dean/Director
Associate Dir-Credentialing
Associate Dir-Gift Processing
Associate Dir-Student Services
Associate Director
Associate Director Benefits
Associate Director-Admissions
Associate Director-Athletics
Associate Director-Imaging Svc
Associate Director-Med Ctr
Associate Director-Ohio Unions
Associate Director-Pharmacy
Associate Director-Publicatns
Associate Editor
Associate Executive Director
Associate General Counsel
Associate Hospital Controller
Associate Manager Benefits
Associate Print Technician
Associate Professor
Associate Professor - Practice
Associate Professor-Clinical
Associate Provost
Associate Registrar
Associate Vice President
Associate Vice Provost
Asst Administrator-Medical Ctr
Asst Chief Flight Instructor
Asst Digital Press Operator
Asst Dir 2-Recreational Sports
Asst Dir Prof Experience Prog
Asst Dir Student Develop-PGMP
Asst Dir-Academic Advising
Asst Dir-Airport Operations
Asst Dir-Airport Services
Asst Dir-Athletic Marketing
Asst Dir-Business Services
Asst Dir-Cardiovascular Svcs
Asst Dir-Clear/Sea Grant
Asst Dir-Clinical Svcs&Pgm
Asst Dir-College Alumni Affair
Asst Dir-Ed Research & Develop
Asst Dir-Facilities Management
Asst Dir-Facility Planning
Asst Dir-Foreign Language Ctr
Asst Dir-Hosp Nutrition Servic
Asst Dir-Hosp Security
Asst Dir-Hospital Gift Shops
Asst Dir-Housing Education
Asst Dir-Intnl Pgms In Agri
Asst Dir-Office For Disab Svcs
Asst Dir-Office of Research
Asst Dir-Optometry Clinic
Asst Dir-Recreational Sports
Asst Dir-Regional Campus
Asst Dir-Respiratory Thpy
Asst Dir-T & P Operations
Asst Dir-Tenure Init Unit
Asst Dir-Univ Spec Events
Asst Dir-University Honors Pro
Asst Dir-Vet Teaching Hospital
Asst Dir-Vol Services
Asst Director of Development
Asst Exhibitions Registrar
Asst Food Manager-Golf Course
Asst Manager - Food Service
Asst Manager Boutique Services
Asst Manager-Oardc Branches
Asst Manager-OARDC Grounds
Asst Manager-Reprographics
Asst Manager-Retail Operations
Asst ManagerBoutique Services
Asst Mgr Fawcett Ctr Food Svc
Asst Mgr-Trans & Park Cust Svc
Asst Sec - Board of Trustees
Asst To Director-OARDC
Asst Vice Pres/Assoc Gen Cnsl
Asst Vp for Govt Relations
Asst Vp-Student Life
Ast Dir-Information Technology
Athletic Compliance Officer
Athletic Conditioning Spec
Athletic Equipment Assistant
Athletic Grounds Specialist
Athletic Grounds Superintendt
Athletic Sales Associate
Athletic Ticketing Director
Athletic Trainer
Athletic Trainer Lead
Audio/Visual Technician
Audiologist-Health System
Auditor 2
Automation Technician 2
Automotive Mechanic 1
Automotive Mechanic 2
Automotive Mechanic 3
Auxiliary Ems/Fire Prev Ofcr
Auxiliary Law Enforcement Ofcr
Avionics Technician

Lists of recent Ohio State University searches of
Crane, DushkaAida Program manager Chief Information Officer
Mattei, Maria Therese Clinical Psychologist School of Music
Mayabb, Anthony Lee Public Safety Offcr-Regnl Camp FGP-Psychiatry
Bhateja, Priyanka Auxiliary Ems/Fire Prev Ofcr economic
Mbeukeu, Francine Vet Care Tch Sup-Inst Lab Spt Buckeye Link
Yong, Laura Yumi Managing Editor-Univ Press FCOB Mgmt Sciences
Maurer, Executive Assistant to Provost Ross heart
Maynard, James Darren Facilities Building Sys Tch Sr Ophthalmology
Mba, Emilia Chinenye Patient Care Resource Mgmt Office of Energy
Bradley, Victoria Radiologic Technologist Stat
McCarthy, Constance Pfaff Director-Internal Auditing Comprehensive Cancer Center RU

Random Names from Ohio State University
Muir, Patricia E
Millender, Stefanie Elizabeth
Townsend, Patrick Andrew
Lilly, Blaine Winfred
White, Jacqueline Sue
Kemokai, Isatu
Jones, Christy Dorna
Harper, Karen Louise
Gillmore, Lisa Marie
Lyatuu, Rachel E.

Random Titles from Ohio State University
Executive Director-Rrcna
Senior Systems Consultant
Asc Ex Dir-Wex Pub Relations
Exec Dir-Fisher College of Bus
Assoc Director-Internal Audit
Project Manager - Med Ctr
Auxiliary Ems/Fire Prev Ofcr
Business Manager-Operations
Career Counselor