List of Titles at Ohio State University
Abs and Vocat Servc Sr Rep
Abs and Voct Servc Sr Coord
Academic Advisor
Academic Advisor 1
Academic Advisor 2
Academic Advisor And Staff Ast
Academic Counselor
Academic Counselor & Staff Ast
Academic Counselor-Athletics
Academic Director
Academic Encourager
Academic Exec Director
Academic Planning Specialist
Academic Program Coordinator
Academic Program Specialist
Access Control Technician 1
Access Control Technician 2
Access Specialist-Dsbly Svcs
Account Clerk 1
Account Clerk 2
Account Clerk 3
Accountant 1
Accountant 2
Accountant 3
Acquisitions Assistant
Acquisitions Editor
ADA Coordinator
Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct Instructor
Admin Dir-Comp Cancer Center
Admin Manager Chemistry
Admin Manager-Education
Admin-Financial Services
Admini Dir-Univ Hospitals
Administrative Associate 1
Administrative Associate 2
Administrative Manager
Administrator-Medical Center
Admission Counselor
Admissions Couns And Staff Ast
Agricultural Aide 2
Agricultural Technician 1
Agricultural Technician 2
Aircraft Attendant
Aircraft Maintenance Supervisr
Aircraft Mechanic
Airport Maintenance Supervisor
Airport Operations Specialist
Alarm & Video Monitoring Off
Analyst - OSU Health Plan
Anatomic Pathology Technolgst
Ancillary Services Admin
Anesthesia Technician
Anesthesiologist Assistant
Animal Caretaker
Apps Development Consultant
Apps Development Sr Consultant
Architect 1
Area Mgr-Rdh Building Svcs
Art Shop Manager-Wexner Center
Art Therapist
Asbestos Coordinator
Asc Dean For Rsch And Grad Ed
Asc Ex Dir-Wex Pub Relations
Asoc Administrator-Medical Ctr
Asoc Dir-Hous Food Svc&Events
Asoc Dir-HousFood Svc&Events
Asoc Mger Talent Acquisition
Assist Dir-Clinical Research
Assist Dir-Environmental Svcs
Assist Director-Academic Stud
Assistant Catering Manager
Assistant Chef
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach-Major Sports
Assistant Coach-Reg Campus
Assistant Curator
Assistant Dean
Assistant Dean & Admin Dir
Assistant Dean-Staff
Assistant Dir-Ag Tech Institut
Assistant Dir-Athletic Ticket
Assistant Dir-Enrollment Svcs
Assistant Dir-Hosp Dietetics
Assistant Director
Assistant Director-Admissions
Assistant Director-Athletics
Assistant Director-Benefits
Assistant Director-Food Svcs
Assistant Director-Gift Proc
Assistant Director-Maintenance
Assistant Director-MBA Pgms
Assistant Director-Ohio Unions
Assistant Director-OLN
Assistant Director-Pharmacy
Assistant Director-Programs
Assistant Editor
Assistant Exhibition Designer
Assistant General Counsel
Assistant General Manager-Golf
Assistant Golf Professional
Assistant Manager-Ice Rink
Assistant Manager-Univ Svcs
Assistant Mngr-Farm Operations
Assistant Press Operator
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor - Practice
Assistant Professor-Clinical
Assistant Provost
Assistant Radiobiologist
Assistant Registrar
Assistant Sous Chef
Assistant To Chairperson
Assistant To Dean 1
Assistant To Dean 2
Assistant To Director
Assistant To Vice President
Assistant Trainer
Assistant University Archivist
Assistant Vice President
Assistant Vice Provost
Assoc Dir - Volunteer Services
Assoc Dir 1-Enrollment Svcs
Assoc Dir 2-Enrollment Svcs
Assoc Dir Abs and Vocat
Assoc Dir HR Bus Partners
Assoc Dir Labor Relations
Assoc Dir Sponsored Programs
Assoc Dir Talent Acquisition
Assoc Dir-Ambulatory Services
Assoc Dir-Cnslg&Consult Svcs
Assoc Dir-Educ Technology
Assoc Dir-Hosp Nutrition Svcs
Assoc Dir-Hospital Security
Assoc Dir-Medical Education
Assoc Dir-Recreational Sports
Assoc Dir-Res&Dining Food Svc
Assoc Dir-Res&DiningFood Svc
Assoc Dir-Tenure Init Unit
Assoc Dir-WOSU Public Media
Assoc Director Rehab Services
Assoc Director Compensation
Assoc Director Data Science
Assoc Director Rehab Services
Assoc Director Talent Mgmt
Assoc Director Total Rewards
Assoc Director-Internal Audit
Assoc Director-Stewardship
Assoc Mgr OSUH Gift Shop
Assoc Sec - Board of Trustees
Assoc To The Dean
Assoc Vice Pres-Health Svcs
Assoc VP & Deputy Gen Counsel
Assoc Vp Student Life
Assoc VP/Sr Assoc Gen Counsel
Associate Chair
Associate Controller
Associate Curator
Associate Curator-Wexner
Associate Dean
Associate Dean/Director
Associate Dir-Credentialing
Associate Dir-Gift Processing
Associate Dir-Student Services
Associate Director
Associate Director Benefits
Associate Director-Admissions
Associate Director-Athletics
Associate Director-Imaging Svc
Associate Director-Med Ctr
Associate Director-Ohio Unions
Associate Director-Pharmacy
Associate Director-Publicatns
Associate Editor
Associate Executive Director
Associate General Counsel
Associate Hospital Controller
Associate Manager Benefits
Associate Print Technician
Associate Professor
Associate Professor - Practice
Associate Professor-Clinical
Associate Provost
Associate Registrar
Associate Vice President
Associate Vice Provost
Asst Administrator-Medical Ctr
Asst Chief Flight Instructor
Asst Digital Press Operator
Asst Dir 2-Recreational Sports
Asst Dir Prof Experience Prog
Asst Dir Student Develop-PGMP
Asst Dir-Academic Advising
Asst Dir-Airport Operations
Asst Dir-Airport Services
Asst Dir-Athletic Marketing
Asst Dir-Business Services
Asst Dir-Cardiovascular Svcs
Asst Dir-Clear/Sea Grant
Asst Dir-Clinical Svcs&Pgm
Asst Dir-College Alumni Affair
Asst Dir-Ed Research & Develop
Asst Dir-Facilities Management
Asst Dir-Facility Planning
Asst Dir-Foreign Language Ctr
Asst Dir-Hosp Nutrition Servic
Asst Dir-Hosp Security
Asst Dir-Hospital Gift Shops
Asst Dir-Housing Education
Asst Dir-Intnl Pgms In Agri
Asst Dir-Office For Disab Svcs
Asst Dir-Office of Research
Asst Dir-Optometry Clinic
Asst Dir-Recreational Sports
Asst Dir-Regional Campus
Asst Dir-Respiratory Thpy
Asst Dir-T & P Operations
Asst Dir-Tenure Init Unit
Asst Dir-Univ Spec Events
Asst Dir-University Honors Pro
Asst Dir-Vet Teaching Hospital
Asst Dir-Vol Services
Asst Director of Development
Asst Exhibitions Registrar
Asst Food Manager-Golf Course
Asst Manager - Food Service
Asst Manager Boutique Services
Asst Manager-Oardc Branches
Asst Manager-OARDC Grounds
Asst Manager-Reprographics
Asst Manager-Retail Operations
Asst ManagerBoutique Services
Asst Mgr Fawcett Ctr Food Svc
Asst Mgr-Trans & Park Cust Svc
Asst Sec - Board of Trustees
Asst To Director-OARDC
Asst Vice Pres/Assoc Gen Cnsl
Asst Vp for Govt Relations
Asst Vp-Student Life
Ast Dir-Information Technology
Athletic Compliance Officer
Athletic Conditioning Spec
Athletic Equipment Assistant
Athletic Grounds Specialist
Athletic Grounds Superintendt
Athletic Sales Associate
Athletic Ticketing Director
Athletic Trainer
Athletic Trainer Lead
Audio/Visual Technician
Audiologist-Health System
Auditor 2
Automation Technician 2
Automotive Mechanic 1
Automotive Mechanic 2
Automotive Mechanic 3
Auxiliary Ems/Fire Prev Ofcr
Auxiliary Law Enforcement Ofcr
Avionics Technician

Lists of recent Ohio State University searches of
McGrath, JillianLeigh Academic advisor Dept of Engineering Education
Watters, Kristy N Finance Manager Pediatrics
Lee, Stephen S Clinical Inst HS University Hospitals
scholl, robyn Program Director FAES Communications
Thrane, Susan E Retiree-Faculty Neurological Surgery
French, Skylar Donica Assistant Coach School of Communication
Khawaja, RaheelaA Assistant Dean biomedical engineering
yusko, amanda Librarian 2 biosciences
Lang, Lisa Research Scientist Psychiatry
Krutsch, Charge Master Analyst FCOB Executive Education
Morton, Timothy Special Events Supervisor WCA-Comm/Mktg

Random Names from Ohio State University
Curtin, Jacob
Frenken, Kristi
Siffert, Kaylee Marie
Brown, Christina Marie
Porter, Sofia
Witosky, David C
Barker, Rebecca Ann
Yu, Chack-Yung
Guthrie, Kristy L
Kenney, Adelle Emelyn

Random Titles from Ohio State University
Patient Services Supervisor
Asst Dir-Business Services
Automotive Mechanic 2
Rehab Admissions Coordinator
Marketing Representative
Research Specialist
Manager-Editorial Projects
Workshop Leader
Office Assistant
Asst Administrator-Medical Ctr